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The Girls At The Rock Show Exclusive: “Tooth and Nail” Bumbasee (Remix by ONEDUO)

Photo Cred: Jasmine Archie

Bumbasee a/k/a Alex Tirheimer has shared his new tune “Kanye, Skrillex, and Bob Dylan” via Taste And Tone Records. When Bumbasee had a few late night sessions with no intention of doing anything other than create some different music, a sound began to take form. It is a type of aggressive vibe, but with a charming smile.
As for the name chosen, Bumbasee, is a fake word for Parmesan cheese, invented as a joke by the Tirheimer family. It is used to demonstrate the power of misinformation.

Two brand new tracks will be up and coming for release this winter via Taste and Tone Records. The first, “Kanye, Skrillex and Bob Dylan” is an admiration to leaders and revolutionaries in their artistry, but also three names you’d never expect to see next to each other.  A remix will follow shortly by Young & Sick.

The second release, “Tooth and Nail” shows Bumbasee expanding on the counterpart of pugnacious unique songwriting and production. In it, he experiments with intimidation and is searching for something outside of himself. With that being said, ONEDUO, got a hold of “Tooth and Nail” to add a heavier direction. See below for The Girls At The Rock Show Exclusive:

“ONEDUO absolutely flipped this song on it’s head. I love the direction they took it and how it still feels unrestrained like the original, but in a totally different way. It’s a heavy one!”

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