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The Girls at the Rock Show Exclusive Video Premiere: Jeremy Pascal Release ” Heart Scars” Pt 1 In A Four-Part Video Series

We have been fans of the Viennese band, Jeremy Pascal, since the beginning so we were thrilled when they asked us to premiere their new four-part video series. The series will be released throughout the following weeks and is pivotal to understanding the Jeremy’s Life EP (due out this year) – as they’re all interconnected. Be on the lookout for part two, three, and four!

But now let’s get on with Part One and the Official Video for their popular single Heart Scars. When we reviewed the single we wrote: “Heart Scars is emotional, the lyrics are honest, they hold you to the song, as the melody and the raw emotionally charged vocals keep you pushing the repeat button.”  And the new video, which tackles the theme of co-dependency, has the same emotional feel as we witness the push and the pull between the couple and their fights to maintain a connection. The single is a fiery anthem and is representative of The Past in a very unhealthy relationship.

Lead vocalist Tino Romana explains that ‘Heart Scars is shot with a lo-fi camera to symbolize the past, creating a non-stylized, fly on the wall voyeuristic experience. The couple in the video are on vacation together, and though you can tell they’re completely in love with each other, in some of the close-ups you can tell something is kind of off about the whole situation.’

Check out the video below:

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