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The Interview that would have happened at SXSW: We finally get to interview Pizzagirl

Hi Liam, I am so excited to be interviewing you, I just wish it had been able to happen at SXSW. It was such a great year of band lineups this year…but…life got us I guess…were there any bands you were excited to see while you were there

Hey, my girls! I was so excited to slide on down and meet y’all and play some music, but let’s rain check! I was really looking forward to checking out Part-Time live and see some of my fellow British band friends (Far Caspian, The Orielles) who were meant to rock on too! Kim Kardashian was meant to do a talk there too so it’s a big bummer for me! 😉

What were your expectations for SXSW

I think I had it in mind that I was going to fly in, dressed head to toe in this sleeveless double denim outfit I had planned, and play a lot of really exciting shows and meet some new friends! Also from the stories my managers have told me from the countless times they’ve attended in years gone by, the food sounded pretty good too!

Can you tell us the story behind your moniker Pizzagirl

Pizzagirl has sort of grown up to be its own weird little version of myself I think. The name came from just a disdain for branding my music with my own name, I thought Pizzagirl would be like a goofy alternative and didn’t really think about the fact that it would live with me for years to come. Still happy though 🙂

Your debut album, first timer, has been out for a bit now, did the release exceed your expectations

It’s crazy how fast everything has happened really, the fact that it’s almost half a year old now is strange! I loved the campaign and having people from all around the internet sharing stories and thoughts and finding it in record stores near them, it was how I imagined putting out an album properly would be! Getting a lil tipsy with my label family on the night before the release was a real treat too!

Your new video cape canaveral shows us some fancy dance moves, how did you arrive at the idea of the dancing

I got the master sent to me whilst I was in my room one evening, and I was really excited by it so I had lil shimmy in my bedroom and happened to catch myself in the mirror obviously. I thought the idea of me recreating these goofy moves I’d just made up in my room, but on a stage would be pretty fun and simple, and I’d just watched Stop Making Sense at this little cinema night in Liverpool so I felt pretty inspired by the simplicity and minimalism of that film too.

What was the hardest part, if any, of filming the video

It was actually a really fun day of filming! I got to work with all my friends and the dancers were so great and fun, I think if there was any challenge it would have been how unfit I was, I did the routine fully, dozens of times and I felt pretty sore days after!

Who would you say is the greatest influence on both your music and your life!

I don’t know if I have a big absolute influence on my music or life, I think it’s quite the opposite really. I love the little boring things in life that are silly but charming to me, I love drive-thrus and the internet and all my friends and family, they seem to shape the music I make a lot I think lol. I think that’s why I like making songs about libraries and gymnasiums!

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it

I think it’s a classic trope of musicians to badly describe their own music, I’m no exception to that! I always say it’s just a bunch of love songs in different places about different things whether it be a person or your computer. I’d be scared to give it a particular description because it’d probably be completely wrong!

At what moment in your life did you say ‘ I want to perform music ‘

Leaving school was a pretty big catalyst for wanting to take music seriously, I did okay at school I think but I had nothing I really wanted to do besides record music and ignore every other responsibility and be stubborn! I think it pushed me to take some action and I’d never performed music ever at this point so it was a big anxiety at the time, now it’s really fun!

Has your music and your style changed since you first began performing

I constantly fall in and out of love with different styles and songs I’m making or have made, I think I’m naturally just super impulsive so it bleeds into the fact that I piggyback on all different types of pop music mostly. When I first put stuff out a few years ago it was primarily like 80s electronic pop, but it just gets a bit stale for my brain sometimes so I think looking back and hearing a change is a really positive thing!

The world is basically on this strange shutdown right now with COVID-19, are you sheltering in and if so how are you spending your time

Staying indoors and self-isolating is the most important thing at the minute, I’ve been trying to catch up on all the films I was too lazy to get round too, I recorded a little cover song of ‘dancing with myself’ by our Billy Idol the other day which passed some time, and turned my Xbox on for the first time in years, what a time to be alive!

Give us three great songs to shelter in to

Watering The Garden – Brad Stank

Dancing With Myself – Billy Idol

Another Weekend – Ariel Pink

Dancing With Myself- Billy Idol

Lastly, three words that describe Pizzagirl

A. Lonely. Guy

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