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The Killers react to “The Man” music video for Vevo’s “Watch This” Series

Vevo announced the premiere of Watch This featuring The Killers and their music video for “Mr. Brightside” on April 27, 2020. Since then, they have slowly been releasing some of our favorite music videos from songs such as “When You Were Young” and “Bones”. Vevo, today, has released Watch This featuring The Killers and their music video “The Man”.
This music video is very special to me as Brandy, fellow Girl at the Rock Show, and I travelled out to London to go see The Killers perform at British Summer Time Hyde Park. After the festivities had ended, we took a flight towards the U.S. and had a very long stopover in New York. Laying on the airport floor with not much else to do, Brandy and I probably watched this music video about 50 times over. So, someone tell The Killers to thank us for all their views (kidding).
But enough about me, here’s The Killers commentating on their music video for “The Man”.

Watch This brings a camera to the “comments” section of a music video. This episode will act as a forum for inside-scoop commentary from The Killers themselves as they look back at their music video, giving a first-hand interpretation on everything from inspiration to impact.

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