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The Millennial Club release feel the same

SoCal-based The Millennial Club has a way of blending indie-pop, ‘90s R&B, and melancholic synth-pop to make their own sound. Underneath their smooth pop exterior is a band displaying youthful exuberance through joyous pop hooks and tender ballads as they write and sing their way through songs about the uncertainties of love, broken hearts, and the beauty found in small, intimate moments often overlooked in today’s age.

They have recently shared their first single in 2020 “feel the same.” which features sultry vocals that blissfully float on air over mesmerizing guitars, smooth saxophones, and whispered backing vocals.

Here is what vocalist/guitar player Andres Owens had to say about writing feel the same:

“I wrote ‘feel the same’ just before I started dating my current girlfriend, Madelyn. The song is an honest depiction of how I felt before I learned that she reciprocated my feelings. I would constantly wonder: ‘Does she feel the same?’ The song is a token to that time of my life when I was constantly wondering, where it was stressful, yet now, I’m incredibly happy.

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