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The one where we were supposed to Interview False Heads at SXSW

Ok we know we were not able to attend SXSW this year, but that won’t stop us from bringing you the best of what was going to be there. One of our Top 3 of who to see was the UK band False Heads. IF you are a regular reader of the blog you will have heard us speak about them and their hard-hitting Indie music, you might have even gotten to know them a bit in the first interview we did with them. We won’t lie we were excited to finally be able to see their show in person, they always look rowdy AF and we wanted to be part of that just once, but the world had other plans. So get to know them a little better ..because we caught back up with them…

We really wish we all would have all made it t Austin and partied together, but it is what it is, so… What were you hoping to achieve at SXSW?

Yes, we hoped so too. Ah well, it was more than just about SXSW for us – we were releasing our album in New York before playing Bowery Electric for New Colossus Festival. We were just hoping to capitalize some of the press and radio play we’ve had from the states. We were also looking to get a US agent and licensing deal for the album too.

It has been a while since we have interviewed you, I think your single Wrap Up had just been released. So catch us up on what you have been doing

Hahaha right this minute I’m smashing my head against the wall and about to sign on. We are gonna use this time to try and write the second album. It’s just been a mental couple of months ain’t it?

Your debut album It’s All There But You’re Dreaming came out recently, how is it doing

 The response has been amazing to be fair. It’s nice that it has resonated with people. That has kept our head up considering. We’re currently thinking of ways to keep the momentum going after this virus calms down.

What kinds of ups and downs did you have, if any? while recording the album

  It was genuinely seamless to be fair. I think we’d had so many frustrating stops and starts because of just useless cunts in the music industry wasting our time and money – when we got in the zone for the album it just fell into place because it was just venting all those frustrations that had been built up. 

How do you figure out which songs make it on the album

We just sort of chose them haha. I honestly can’t remember the reasoning behind it. Looking back now I wish we put on ‘Yellow’ and a tune called ‘Slipping Through.’ Next album maybe?

Which song on the album do you think resonates the most with the listeners and why?

I honestly don’t know – seems like ‘Whatever You Please’ and ‘Comfort Consumption’ seem to. I think they probably relate to people’s mental health problems and the frustration of living in a time that rewards conformity like one big giant religion and punishes thought rebellion. 

If I were a new fan and never heard your music, where would you tell me to start

 ‘Rabbit Hole’ or ‘Twentynothing’ probably

Who would you say shaped your musical sound the most

Frank Black probably 

You have been at this for a few years now, what would you say has been your biggest lesson, like something you might tell your former self if you could.

Don’t sign with 25 Hour Convenience Store and ignore the Canadian. 

Can you tell us the story behind the album name

It’s the chorus line for ‘Fall Around.’ It was just this idea of it having a nice double meaning. You’re dreaming can be an insult to people who are ignorant or sometimes it’s best to dream outside of what people think your life should be. So that’s kinda the idea – there’s lots of links to dreams and nightmares etc because I’ve always had night terrors and sleep paralysis and I’ve always felt reality isn’t that different to a lot of dreams/nightmares.

Where do you want to see False Heads in 5 years

 Still practicing social distancing 

The world is a bit sick right now with COVID-19 and many of us are staying home ” sheltering In”, Distancing, whatever you want to call it. Tell us how you have been spending your time

Drinking at home, writing and I’ll probably starting up an only fans account soon.

Give us three great Social Distancing songs

How To Disappear Completely by Radiohead

Needle In The Hay by Elliott Smith 

Where Is My Mind by Pixies 

Do you have any plans as a band to do on line time with fans, such as chats, movie watching, or performances?

 We’re looking into what we can do as we speak. I’ve got a few bright ideas. 

Lastly, 3 words to describe False Heads

1 album down

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Photo by: Alan Wells

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