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The Ones You Forgot release new single ” Desensitized “

 New Jersey Pop/rock band The Ones You Forgot have released their new single “Desensitized,” available on all digital streaming platforms now.

The follow up to their 2020 single “Something For Me,” the track serves as a continuous mark of evolution for the quintet. “Desensitized” finds the band at a high point, while still signaling that they have a long, emboldened career ahead. For listeners who have been strangers to The Ones You Forgot, “Desensitized” will be a dynamic introduction.

About the single, lead vocalist Jenna Bruno states:
“Songwriting is very cathartic. It’s a great release of emotions, especially for the ones that we often bottle up. When I wrote ‘Desensitized’ I found myself in that place of pretending to be okay when I knew for a fact that I wasn’t. Writing this song took a weight off my shoulders and allowed me to accept how I was feeling and address the state of my mental health.” 
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