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The Rezner Release Sophomore Single For Myself

Doing their part to make sure that guitar music is alive and well Cornwall’s The Rezner has released their second single For Myself.

‘For Myself’encompasses everything the band represents; gnarly, in-your-face rock and roll that holds no punches from start to finish. The single features knockout riffs, and a driving rhythm throughout, it overflows with attitude and aggression and some addictive and catchy lyrics that will have you screaming along with the song before you’ve finished the first listen.‘

On creating the track, vocalist Sam Stone added:“For Myself’ was a song wrote for those of my generation. A song to sing whilst all the negative press gets put behind the curtain for a short while. The whole story contained within the lyrics is all about letting yourself go as a young adult and fucking the rest of the world off, freedom in other words. A release of positive energy for leaving behind the problems that shouldn’t even get to you in the first place.”

The Rezner are : Sam Stone (vocals and guitar), Redley Flowerdew (guitar and vocals), Liam Palmer (bass) and Ze Barradas (drums)

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