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The Wrecks release ” Out Of Style “

After its world premiere earlier this week on Sirius XM’s ALT Nation, “Out Of Style”, the latest single from alt-rockers The Wrecks is available for us fans. This heart-pounding track showcases the Los Angeles-based band’s mission to push alt-rock forward, fusing electric guitars with tongue-in-cheek, spoken-word verses and an explosive chorus. “Out Of Style” encapsulates everything from The Wrecks that their fans have come to love.

Whether he’s boasting about the LED lights in his room or blaming his self-sabotage on a love that fell apart, frontman Nick Anderson spills his lyrics out like a diary entry.

“I was laughing as I wrote this song. I wanted to come across as the butt-end of the joke, while marrying pettiness to a thin sense of self-awareness.,” shares Anderson. “‘Out Of Style’ lives in the moment of bitterness after a toxic break-up, but before closure has set in. Neither party will let it go, and the motto becomes, ‘I am doing better now, and you are not – because that’s what I need to believe.’ I don’t necessarily react to my relationships this way anymore, but I think deep down everyone recognizes those feelings of jealousy, resentment, and envy.”

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