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To Celebrate Madonna’s 60th Birthday, We Are Sharing Our Five Favorite Songs

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Love her or hate her, no one can deny the impact that Madonna has had on music. From being outspoken on issues such as feminism to the enjoyment of sex, she’S stayed true to her beliefs while entertaining and sometimes shocking us.

We celebrate the Queen of Pop by listing our five favorite songs.

5- Justify My Love ( 1990 )

Released in October 1990 it was off her Immaculate Collection Greatest Hits album. The song which became her ninth number one single on Billboard. The video caused controversy ( which we all know Madonna seemed to thrive on ) due to the explicit images of sadomasochism, voyeurism, and bisexuality… It was banned from MTV’s video play.

4-Ray Of Light ( 1998 )

Both Naomi and I agreed this was one song that needed to be on the list. It is the title track of her seventh studio album ( and probably my favorite Madonna album ). The song is a total club favorite and easily danceable

3-Borderline ( 1984 )

Off her debut album and her very first number ten hit, it is the song that many of us became familiar with Madonna

We call a tie on number three… And needed to include Like A Virgin. The song was released shortly after Borderline and started a fashion craze with pearls, roseries, and black lace. Plus who can forget that memorable moment on MTV Music Awards in which she performed in a sexy wedding dress.

2-Papa Don’t Preach ( 1986)

Another controversial song due to the lyrical content, some thought it encouraged teen pregnancy, while others considered it a pro-life message. Whichever, the song became her fourth number one single.

1-Like A Prayer- 1989

Title track off her fourth studio album. A huge controversy over this song with the religious overtones that are prevalent in the accompanying video. The Vatican condemned the video, family and religious groups protested it, and  Pepsi, who used the song in their commercial, canceled their contract with Madonna due to boycotting of the drink by religious groups. ( We both agreed on this being number 1, it happens to be my fave Madonna song )

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