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Top Five: Sum 41

With last week being the 14th anniversary of Sum 41’s classic album ” Chuck “ we thought it only appropriate we turn to our girl  Brittany for a bit of her favorite Sum…


The year was 2006, I was 13 years old and my cousin was 15 years old. It was the year I found a different genre of music, one I had never heard of. My cousin would make me mixed CDs of Alternative/Indie, Rock type music because at the time I was into hip-hop, rap type music. Anyway, on this specific CD, it contained music from bands such as Blink-182, Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Sum 41. There was a specific song by Sum 41  which I played on repeat on my stereo in my room. That song was “Still Waiting”.  As I played the CD over and over, I kept returning back to Sum 41. Later that year, we went to FYE and he bought me All Killer, No Filler. This led to my soon obsession within the Alternative/Indie, Rock scene or as much would call it..pop punk. Fast forward to 2018, the band now has released six studio albums and continues to tour and was even nominated for Alternative Press Music Awards – Artist of the Year in 2017. 

So here it for choosing my Top 5 …if only we could do a Top 10! 

No Reason


The second track from their third studio album, Chuck. “No Reason” was the first track I heard off of “Chuck”, but I didn’t hear it until 2009 when I was 17 years old even though the album was released in 2004. “Some can’t make the sacrifice, It’s much more than just black and white And I won’t follow” These lyrics are what captured me to this song. I was 17 years old, black nail polish, checkered backpack (instead of a handbag), side bangs, and beanies. These lyrics made me feel like I could be different and confident and powerful about it. I didn’t have to consider myself the odd man out because I didn’t look or act like most girls my age. At 25, “some can’t make the sacrifice” I believe the sacrifice I make is working a lot so that I am able to travel and attend shows for bands I truly enjoy.

“In Too Deep”
The seventh track off of their first album All Killer, No Filler. “In Too Deep” drags you into the struggles of everyday life. Of course, at 15 years old, I thought I lived a pretty hard life. It was when I hit 17 years old and older that I could truly appreciate what was being said within this song. “Maybe we’re just trying too hard When really it’s closer than it is too far” it helps me take a step back and realize that I am becoming unruly over simple issues that can be resolved if I calmed down and took a step back to examine the situation. “I can’t sit back and wonder why” always assists me in wondering why I have the need to question everything when I think something is wrong. Because we should question ideas that we would like an answer to.  

“We’re All To Blame”
The the third track from their third album Chuck. I stumbled upon “We’re All To Blame” when I heard the lyrics “how can we still succeed taking what we don’t need?” it shaped me when I was young to believe I didn’t need to brag or lie about what I had or what I am into just to have friends. This song taught me if someone wants to be in your crowd they should like you for who you are and not what you have or what you claim to be. “We’re All To Blame” shows how we do live in fear of rejection and how we shouldn’t. Just live the life you think is most enjoyable for you.

  “Fat Lip”


The fourth track off of the album All Killer, No Filler. If you’ve never heard “Fat Lip”, you probably have not been to a bar or club that plays Alternative/Indie, Rock music. “I trashed my own house party cause nobody came” these lyrics always make me laugh because I think of myself when no one wants to attend an event with me or go out and I have to just go out on my own. “Fat Lip” is a great song to just yell at a bar when you feel like shouting that night. 

“ Still Waiting”


The fourth track from the album Does This Look Infected? It was released in 2002. This was the song that got me into Sum 41. If my cousin never gave me that mix CD with this track I more than likely would not be writing this Top 5. “Out of step for what we believe in” always stood out to me because I think it is a great idea to stand up for something that you believe is right even if no one else does. All it takes is one person and the lyrics assist in helping give me that push when I am the only one who wants to stand behind a different thought or opinion. 


*** Written by Brittany Shaw ***

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