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Tuesday Tunes featuring: Bellhouse, OK Button, Lady Bird,Castle Pines, and Lucy Whittaker

Since Monday was a holiday and we took it…we didn’t get to post our usual Monday New Music, so we are giving it to you on Tuesday! So here is a playlist of some of the best new music that was released last week…

Bellhouse ” Like You Loved Us “

Emma-Lee Andersson also known as Bellhouse has released a new track titled Like You Loved Us.

Speaking about the track Andersson had this to say: “its a song about those pure, desperate emotions when two people are trying to convince themselves that they are over but their hearts just want to go back to the way they were.”

The single put Bellhouse’s powerful vocals at the center, and they are surrounded by majestic electronics. It is the perfect pop song to start your week.



Ok Button, who are Amber Wilson, Nass Donald, and Adam Falkner, are back with their second single Beds. The band was born by chance in a Scottish underground club, and from there they created their version of dark electronic pop. In new single Beds, Wilson’s ethereal vocals stand out over the melancholy electronic beats. Wilson has this to say about Beds ” We’ve become so consumed by technology and materialism that we’re often totally distracted from what’s happening right in front of us. Beds reflect on how we go through the motions while the world is falling to pieces around us. It’s important that we acknowledge that in order to move forward. The chorus is darkly sarcastic but, on another level, it refers to having the strength to carry on when you’re awake. Every day we wake up and have another shot at doing something useful which is a win.”

Lady Bird ” Reprisal “
With a starting guitar riff that will remind you of early Arctic Monkeys, Lady Bird’s newest single Reprisal, will have you realizing quickly they are not anything like the Monkeys, but rowdy punks. Leadman Sam Cox wrote the single while he was resting his voice from vocal chord surgery and could not speak. HIs struggle became the subject of a documentary from The Guardian  Silent Sam: The Mute Punk Singer
The self-directed video places the band’s in their hometown of Tunbridge Wells, escaping the mundane of the city, following the struggles of the class in rambunctious energy.

Castle Pines ” March Mellow”

Isolation and loneliness are the core themes of the new song ‘March Mellow’ by Castle Pines. The song is happy and morose at the same time, reflecting the past and present in an allegorical and cheeky play on words. Simple chords make the song relatable and a delight to listen to, and you will quickly find yourself humming along to it.


Lucy Whittaker ” Curious “

With a growing fan base and a phenomenal following in the LGBT community, Lucy Whittaker has smashed some of the biggest PRIDE dates in 2017 and  Lucy’s  newest single Curious is both bold and brave with big synth lines, hard-hitting choruses and infectious vocal melodies, and the chorus will linger in your mind long after you have put it away.

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