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Tuesday Tunes For The Week of May 13, 2019

Leeds trio Badminton is back with new single I Was, You Were. The single follows previously released Pinelights, and is the second to be released from their EP “TRY GETTING A RESERVATION AT DORSIA NOW”. Full of classical Indie-rock guitar hooks, a catchy as hell melody, and a bit of pop squeaked in, Badminton and I Was, You Were are giving The 1975 a run for their money.

Hazey Jane ” Lay Low “

Hackney London’s Hazey Jane perform Indie-Folk rock that combines traditional folk storytelling and pop hooks. Newest single Lay Low encourages the listener to bury their phone and slow down their lives. While most folk artists use an acoustic guitar, Hazey Jane proves it can be done with an electric guitar, after all, Folk Music is mostly about a story being told.

Marshall ” Mr Parachute “

Singer Marshall takes us on a late night ride with his new video for single Mr. Parachute featuring Jocelyn Alice. Marshall stars as the taxi driver, who shares not just his cab, but a self-contained experience with each of these characters, as they contemplate a change, process a transformation, or simply ask themselves, “Do I want to change?”. The single itself is a sultry dark delight that is highly addictive.

Edward Skera ” Lovin Me “

Making sure you get your dance on this Tuesday is the new single Lovin Me by Edward Skera featuring Emiah. From the beginning, the song captures you with its fast-moving fun beats and catchy vibes.T his is sure to become a song you will put on repeat often.

Corella ” Bloom “

 Indie-pop quartet Corella announced their brand new single ‘Bloom’ which was released on May 10. This followed a recent performance at Brighton’s Great Escape Festival. ‘Bloom’ is full of high energy featuring catchy melodic hooks and integrating guitar riffs. Inspired by the UK’s record-breaking heat wave last summer, the Manchester group reminisce about spending time together, drinking in the sun and living their best life

Speaking about the song Corella had this to say about Bloom: “We took a different approach than usual with writing this song. We firstly created individual parts and pieced them together rather than just jamming it out in our practice room.” Make Bloom your anthem for the upcoming summer!

Hunter As A Horse ” New Light “

Having not heard from Hunter As A Horse for two years, they are back with their third EP Walk With Fire and new single New Light which is a dreamy nostalgic tune with a slight nod to the ’80s, it is brilliant effervescent electro-pop that is addictive to listen to.

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