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Tunes to get the weekend off to an early start featuring Limon Limon, Frank Moyo, Tribe Friday, and Miko

Limon Limon ” Normal Now “

We are big fans of La based Limon Limon and their fresh electronic-infused pop-rock. They have recently released new single Normal Now, which is about “ is about being yourself in a world that is always trying to turn you into someone else.” the song has an addictive synth riff combines with pulsing drums and bass, and their vocals that we always find so smooth.

Frank Moyo ” Friend Of Mine “

Singer-Songwriter Frank Moyo has released a folk-tinged pop song titled Friend Of Mine. The single has a big sweeping chorus that will hook you in and have you quickly singing along with his smooth vocals. If you are a fan of One Republic you will want to take a listen to Frank Moyo.

Tribe Friday ” Freaky “

Sweden’s Tribe Friday is back and keeps getting better with each song we hear from them. New single Freaky is sleazy, rowdy and wild, full of slashing guitar riffs and heart-stopping drumming and deals with singer and songwriter Noah Deutschmann‘s friend’s tale of a wild night spent with a rather insistent older woman. Turn this one up. Play it loud. You’ll have it on repeat all weekend.

Miko ” Credit Cards and Broken Hearts “

Not gunna lie, the first time I saw the name of Montreal-based artist Miko’s new song Credit Cards and Broken Hearts I figured it would be a country song, it just has that ring to it, but boy I was wrong. The song is all pop. Credit Cards and Broken Hearts is Miko’s second single and deals with consumer culture, which makes the title make all the sense in the world. Miko’s honeyed vocals take center stage, and the instrumentation is slow and sultry and will get your body moving.

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