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TWINKIDS share the ​second single off forthcoming ‘Lizard House’ EP “I Luv You”   

TWINKIDS share their second release of 2019 called “I Luv You.”With memorable, sweeping melodies, full-bodied soundscapes, and echoing percussion patterns, it explores the conflicting and complicated feelings that follow a breakup.

Gene says about the inspiration for the track:“‘I Luv You’ is about the time I saw someone I used to love with someone else. Maybe I still loved him, I don’t know. After that break up, I had found myself not knowing exactly how to fill my time because so much of my time had been spent with my partner. To fill that void, I rushed into friendships with people who felt too cool and weren’t quite right for me. But at least I felt like I was moving on. And then I saw my ex with someone, and it all came crashing down. In that moment I yearned for him so desperately.”

“I Luv You” is the second single off TWINKIDS’ forthcoming ‘Lizard House’ EP (due November 22nd). It follows “Eighteen,” a mid-tempo synth-dance-pop tune that nods to the ’80s as it shimmers, soars, and pulls at the heartstrings, culminating in a triumphant coda with wild, detuned synths and imploring vocals.

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