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Watch and Listen to the new single “Blue Star ” by NEXT CIty

You can hate me if you need to, but never have I ever watched an episode of the once very popular TV show Glee. Honestly. I really watch very little TV. But I have this strange perception of it in my mind. So when I received info on Samuel Larsen, best known for his work on Glee as the Joe Hart starting a Rock band, I kind of snickered to myself. But guys….this is good.

So a bit about the band NEXT CIty…..Larsen apparently released a few solo things in the pop and funk world but wanted to start a rock band to write and perform with. The new single Blue Star is the first song he started writing with a band in mind..“I had the riffs and lyrics for a while before I met Phil and I felt stuck like I couldn’t fully finish it, so I handed it off to Phil and he tightened up the arrangement, added a falsetto hook in the chorus and together we added a bridge. Blue Star” is inspired by the dichotomy between the dream and the reality of Hollywood and how it can be the dream but also the nightmare. The song is performed from the point of Hollywood and that they are enticing the dreamer with the bright dreams, but haunting her with the harsh reality too.”

Later this summer, in addition to the release of their second single “Tell Me”, the band will be playing Los Angeles on June 5th at the Peppermint Club (tickets and info HERE) and June 11 in New York at the Mercury Lounge (tickets and info HERE). 

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