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Watch Joywave’s parody video for ‘Half Your Age’

US visionaries Joywave have shared the video for their new single ‘Half Your Age’ following the announcement of their upcoming third album, Possession, which will be released on March 13th.

Directed by Isaac Rentz, Joywave has created a pitch-perfect parody of a big-pharma commercial, while sublimely addressing the theme of misplaced resiliency at work within the track. The clip follows the story of a despondent character who is subjected to some of life’s difficulties and is convinced to take the so-called miracle solution ‘Brushitall’, a tongue-in-cheek product invented by the group, derived from the chorus’ lyrics.

Vocalist Daniel Armbruster spoke to The Fader about the concept, explaining, 

“We were obsessed with the idea of creating the worst, most literal, tasteless commercial sync for the song possible. We bounced back and forth between a prescription medication ad and a toothpaste spot. Big pharma won out”.
The band have even created their very own ‘Brushitall’ website here –
As the video progresses, obsession takes over signaling his loss of control. This idea highlights the overall connotation of Possession, linking together it’s 12 tracks to reveal the album’s core messages.

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