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Watch the fun new video for Fighting With Yourself by The Mowglis

Way back in 2013 I volunteered to work a small music festival in Tulsa called Center Of The Universe, while I spent most of the day and night pouring beer and only listening to the music, I was able to take a break in the afternoon and actually watch some of it. That was the first time I saw The Mowgli’s perform. I think what impressed me about the band was not only their music but their willingness to break down barriers.

The street was blocked off and the entire front of the stage and several, probably a block and a half of it was the VIP area, us common folk had to stand behind that area divided by big grates. Halfway through a song, the band stopped and said they were not playing anymore until those barriers came down, as there was a large gap of emptiness between us and the VIP. That somewhat happened, but the band did one even better, they unplugged all their instruments, brought what they could and came to the barrier and performed the rest of the set in the street, turning the entire set into one big street party. ( I am sure the security of the festival was NOT happy ) I still vividly remember them playing San Franciso and the crowd singing and dancing along with them, and next to them. That is the day I can honestly say I became a Mowgli’s fan, along with A LOT of other Tulsan’s I am sure.

Two years after that I created this blog, and I am always excited when something about the band hits my desk. I still get that same feeling of joy when I hear their new songs, and it always takes me back to that one single hour on a hot summer afternoon in front of Cain’s Ballroom when I first heard them.

Still spreading their positive and fun attitude the band has just released a new video for their single Fighting With Yourself, a song that encourages us to accept the changes that happen and not fight against them, and also the very first time that Katie Jayne Earl steps in and takes over the lead vocals.

The video is full of the band’s energetic performance along with clips of fans singing along with the song, making it exactly what I love and have come to expect from The Mowgli’s FUN and Breezy. Watch below:

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