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Watch the new video for Empty Swimming Pool by Voodoo Bandits

Voodoo Bandits have shared their latest music video for ‘Empty Swimming Pool via Superblue Records’.

The band venture into an indoor skatepark for the music video of ‘Empty Swimming Pool’. Opening with a cheerful electric guitar riff and slamming drums, the track takes electronic embellishments and pairs them with a solid bassline and tight grooves. The energy in the skatepark meets the same vigorous energy within the song, electrifying its listeners with an exuberant chorus, compact riffs and dripping reverbs. With flashbacks to the 90s lifestyle of hardcore skating, the music video is sure to appeal to all those who are young at heart.

Speaking of the concept behind the music video, Voodoo Bandits tell us, “We wanted to create a fun, easy-going, video that accompanied the vibe of the song. Expressing our personalities as a band; to us the song sounds like a skateboard on a half-pipe, if that makes any sense! So we went down to our local indoor skatepark, grabbed some B-roll of ourselves and some skaters and got jamming! To top it off we used some 90s video cam aesthetics to fit the theme.”

Watch and listen below:

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