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Watch the new video for ” I’ll Kill You, Tomokazu Miura ” by Chrysalism

North London’s Chrysalism crafts Lo-fi romantic songs set in a vintage, futuristic world – combining low-key RnB inflected indie-balladry with an eye for aesthetic taken from co-ownership of a visual arts collective.

New single ‘I’ll Kill You, Tomokazu Miura!’ opens with submerged drums, before suitably velvety synths provide a drifting bed for sombrely crooned vocals, it’s night-time music for the broken-hearted. The track climaxes with the lead hook of the chorus, a breathless high note backed up by the emergence of glistening guitars provided by Axel Oksby from Jakob Ogawa’s band.

AKA Michal Vojtech, he embraces everyday melodrama – as evidenced by a domestically poetic description of the inspiration behind the track:

“My gal would kill me if I told you what this song is about.

It’s me at 2 a.m. in the back streets of Hong Kong. And her being stuck to her bed in one of the skyscraper apartments, looking out of the window in the humid city air.

Listening to distant cars honk.  Feeling comfortably sad between all the traffic and people walking.

It’s about a movie I watched that night when I came back to the apartment. The quote ‘I’ll kill you, Tomokazu Miura!” got stuck in my head then.”

Listen below:

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