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Wayside Drops New Single “Cherophobia”

 Wayside has dropped their brand new single Cherophobiawhich is inspired by elements of indie, 90’s rock & alternative genres. The duo made up of Vocalist Thomas Davenport and Guitarist Josh Ehmer have created a single with huge emotional spirit, driving guitar melodies, and even pop sensibilities creating a sound that is fresh, young, and exciting to a new generation of alternative music fans.

 “It’s about believing that I’m the best version of myself when I’m alone. I typically go a little insane when I care a lot for a person, and I don’t like myself when that happens. When I’m alone, no one’s thoughts, words nor actions can influence my mind; There’s also an element of choosing to be alone, rather than settling for something that is mediocre / I’m not certain about,” shares Davenport on today’s release. “I guess the message I’m trying to deliver is that it’s okay to choose yourself, not to settle for something that you’re not certain of. As someone whose feelings can fluctuate a lot, I like the certainty and consistency of just looking after myself.” 

 “Cherophobia” was recorded & engineered with renowned producer Lachlan Mitchell (The Vines, The Jezabels) at Parliament Studios in Sydney while Callan Orr (Dream on Dreamer/Agnes Manners) mixed and mastered the track. 

Ehmer continues on sharing “When I was writing the guitar for the song, I think one of the main things I wanted to do was to focus on and play with dynamics between sections of the song. So, we went for a loud and driving sound in the verse and a more quiet open chorus. I remember at one point thinking we’d tried to do a ‘reverse Nirvana’ in that sense.”

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