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WCW featuring: Baum, Georgia Hurd, Graace, Elina, Brooke Law, Anja Kotar, Grace Savage a​nd Talii

Baum ” Fuckboy “

Sabrina Teitelbaum who performs under the moniker BAUM has served us up our newest obsession, her new single Fuckboy, which is her first release of 2019. We love the powerful message that Baum is giving us in the single , here is what she had to say about it:

women aren’t emotional wrecks running around searching for love, looking to be saved, yet I feel like that identity is constantly being placed on us.” ​​​​​ and while she does not advocate being a fuckboy, she wanted to turn the tables on Boy meets girl, girl falls instantly in love with the boy, boy breaks girls heart scenario.

Georgia Hurd ” Limits “

New single Limits may be Georgia Hurd’s first step in pursuing a solo career, but she’s spent a lifetime immersed in music. Georgia wrote her first song when she was 15, but it would take many years and at some points walking away from music altogether, for her to trust her voice as a writer.

Limits is the first single from Georgia’s forthcoming EP, and with the way she fleshes out the vocals and melody on Limits, we know she has a hella good ride in front of her. We can’t wait to watch her grow!

Graace ” Go Have Fun At Your Party “

Gifting us with her empowering yet lonely vibes, GRAACE has released her single Go Have Fun AT Your Party. The song has a  traditional pop song structure but twists it into the ultimate sad girl anthem with lyrics like “go have fun at your party, I’ll be sitting here sipping on thoughts of your body.” It is a powerful and honest look at the push and pull of a relationship made even better by the strength of Graace’s dynamic vocals.

Elina ” Masquerade “

Sweden’s Elina has hashed out a strong rep for her songwriting having co-written the multi-platinum 2016 single Sexual for NEIKED, plus penned songs for other artists such as Zara Larsson and Astrid S. She launched her own career in 2018 with the release of her debut single ‘Wild Enough’, and now she has released a new single, Masquerade, which is from her debut EP ‘In Hindsight’ ( released May 17 ). Speaking about the single Elina had this to say: “Masquerade’ for me is an invitation to embrace everything that makes us human. All the self-doubt, the fear, the desires, the confusion that comes with letting someone in and loving them. I want it to be a voice of reason and a reminder to be kind to ourselves and to others, knowing that everyone is navigating through life with their own baggage.” The song is warm and truthful, and a wonderful start to her solo career.

Brooke Law ” The Edge “

Taking on influences from everyone from artists such as Annie Lennox to Joan Armatrading to Jeff Buckley, Brooke Law’s music is uncompromising: emotional and direct, it truly comes from the heart – in her own words it’s “gutsy pop”. Her new single The Edge is a perfect example of her emotional and heartfelt songwriting using concepts and visuals to start a conversation. 

Anja Kotar ” 1500 “

Anja Kotar is back with another relatable single 1500. We love her quirky sugary style, I mean we love pink also… and her bubbly danceable pop music. New single 1500 delivers an important message to the young and impressionable audiences of social media users everywhere. Kotar highlights the current social media phenomenon by furthering the speculation on its negative influences. “‘1500’ is a tongue-in-cheek look into the age of social media,” says Kotar. “It’s a funk-inspired dance-while-crying, an upbeat ballad that sheds a light on portraying an idealized image online, one that is starkly different from reality.”

Grace Savage ” Cracks “

Four-time UK beat-box champion turned Electro-pop artist, Grace Savage has released her newest single and accompanying video Cracks. The song is highlighted by Savage’s melodic vocals which are beautiful, along with a backdrop of electronic rhythms that are both sexy and fun.

Talii ” Front Seat “

25-year-old Orlando singer-songwriter Talii has released a new single titled Front Seat. The single is a smooth and soulful tune, it is her first single of 2019, but be on the lookout for more music and a debut EP to drop later this year

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