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WCW Featuring Xoller, CUTTS, and Tash

Xoller ” I Will Be Different For You “

Xoller’s new single I Will Be Different For You is all about the lies we tell ourselves and our partners in a new relationship, we always seem to hope or want to do things differently, but it doesn’t always work out that way does it? Xoller delivers this hope in a tune full of dreamy vocals backed by a chorus of soaring electronics. Based in LA Xoller is an electronic artist and this is her solo effort away from her New York Dreamwave duo PROM.

CUTTS ” Honey “

After suffering a tremendous loss, Lillian Cutts threw herself into music in an attempt to move past the grief. She asked Peter Bonaventure (who lived in NY at the time) for help remaking a song they had written a year earlier and then the rest they say…was history, and CUTTS was born. New single Honey is dark and soulful with Lillian’s amazing vocals taking center stage. Powerful lyrics describe feelings of both ambition and guilt in an intentionally remorseless way.

Tash ” Dreaming “

17-year-old Australian singer/songwriter Tash writes all of her songs both lyrics and melodies and has been doing so from an early age. Her newest song Dreaming highlights her perfection not only as a songwriter but as a singer. Her vocals, are both strong and sultry, sounding much more like a seasoned performer than a 17-year-old. The instrumentation on Dreamy is airy and almost tropical in feel with the striking drum beat that plays second to her vocals.

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