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We Are The City share Music Video for “Killer B-Side Music”

  We Are The City, shared a new music video for their single “Killer B-Side Music“. The single was released towards the end of last year and is now available across streaming services including SpotifyApple Music, and more. 

“Killer B-Side Music” is the second single off of the trio’s forthcoming, fifth studio album, RIP, which is slated to be released on January 24, 2020, via Tooth & Nail Records.

The video was created with a meager $3200 budget, $3000 of which was spent on the location alone. The band went into a fancy hotel room with nothing but their smartphones and came back with an engaging music video that could only be created in 2019.  Drummer, Andrew Huculiak, shares, 

“It was us, our phones, Instagram live and a loud hotel room. With no set plan, we chased whims all night, slept one hour, shot the sunrise and continued from there. Sometimes the most inspiring art to witness is art within your capabilities – you see the ingredients, the recipe, how it was put together, and that’s inspiring because you realize you’re capable of the same thing. You are the technician. You have access to the tools.” He continues and shares about the album, “All threads of the band’s history are through RIP. The pure heart of In A Quiet World. The spontaneity and confessions of High School. The space and emotion of  Violent. The maximalism and sonic exploration of Above Club. The furthest edge (so far) of AT NIGHTRIP is our step forward, but it feels comprehensive. It does feel like a culmination. And it does feel like the next music will be the beginning of a new journey. RIP is a love letter to everyone who has shared their life with us and who has let us share our lives with them. It’s a love letter to our youth. And, most of all, it’s a love letter to Kyle Tubbs.”

Watch below:

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