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We are totally dancing to the new single ” Thunder ” by The Stash

The Stash have shared their latest single, “Thunder”.  “Thunder” marks The Stash’s follow-up single with the Los Angeles-based label, Anchor Eighty Four Records, after the release of their infectious debut single “Run Into Me” was released in May.

‘Thunder’ is about futility in the face of imminent destruction”, states vocalist Chris Evanko. “The narrative is very personal, recounting a moment where I saw something important to me coming to an end but couldn’t do anything about it. It best describes the feeling of helplessness in the face of a disaster. Sometimes it’s hard to see in the heat of things if what your fighting for is worth your time, or if you’ll go under?”

Starting out slow, it doesn’t take long for the beat and electronics of the chorus to pump through you, making Thunder the perfect song to roll down your windows and blast loud, maybe add some car dancing, it has the perfect beat for it! Keep an eye on these guys, they are hitting 2019 strong and it doesn’t look like they are slowing anytime soon.

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