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We Have Curated You A Little Playlist Of Newness To Get You Over Hump Day, Because We Know You’d Rather Be Dressed Up Eating Candy Than Stuck At Work

NIGHTMODE  ” Penthouse Refugees “

Psychedelic Electonic Groove ( totally should be a new genre of music )song from producer Matt Kass. He says Penthouse Refugees is meant to be listened to at night, under headphones so you can focus on the vibe. We say embrace it today and let the vibe carry you away, even for a few minutes, cause it is just that good.


Lauren Ruth Ward ” White Rabbit “
We didn’t think you could improve any on Grace Slick’s epic version of White Rabbit, but somehow Lauren Ruth Ward has. Maybe it is because she stayed true to the original spirit of the song, adding just a few changes to make it her own. We dig it.

Pretty Vicious ” Are You Entertained “
A glimpse into Pretty Vicious’s upcoming debut album out in 2019, Are You Entertained is a heavy hitting, growling, punk rock masterpiece, something music seems to be missing lately, all from a band where none of them are over the age of 21. The future of Punk Rock looks bright with the likes Of Pretty Vicious taking the reigns.

Rat Boy ” Chip On My Shoulder “
We love skateboarding. We can’t actually skateboard because we are klutz’s, but we love watching. so naturally we were drawn to the new video for ” Chip On My Shoulder “ by Rat Boy. The video was filmed in Los Angeles and Chip On My Shoulder will be featured on Ratboy’s upcoming album ‘INTERNATIONALLY UNKNOWN’ to be released in January of 2019. Ratboy got a bit of help from Tim Armstrong on the album so you know it is going to be kicking.
Talkboy ” Over & Under “
Leeds TalkBoy share their second single Over & Under, full of layered guitars and a great little riff throughout, drums that make your heart beat along with them, and plenty of harmonically rich vocals.
Over & Under is an explosive burst of anthemic rock.

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