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We interviewed Seattle’s HARLEY ..listen to their new single ” Hypnos ” now…

Bursting out of the grunge imprint of Seattle, HARLEY capitalizes on their four previous releases with their latest drop Hypnos.

Hypnos which is full of heart-racing lyrics and emotionally breaking melodies takes on the unshakeable feeling of a bad break up and forces you to feel it all over again. The single has a hypnotizing cadence that establishes Harley as an artist to watch and only adds to their credibility as a polished band.

The band says about Hypnos:

“We wrote this based on the weirdest rela1onship I ever had. It was all so good and so fun, but I didn’t know that’d be the last 1me we talked. It all was over in about an hour. Everything felt wasted I felt absolutely s1ll driving home.”

Listen to Hypnos below and read our exclusive interview with them below the song…

Tell us how you became a band.

We actually all met playing pick-up basketball. We started talking about music on the court and eventually got together to jam on some songs that Cade James Carl (frontman) wrote. Then we just all clicked and gelled after that. We decided to play a show and somehow had 100 some people show up and we thought we should probably keep doing this.

How did you choose the name?

HARLEY comes from the idea that everyone has different perspectives and
meanings for everything. We thought HARLEY was this elusive word that can mean different things to everyone. To some people it’s the brand of their dad’s bike, or their favorite vintage tee, or whatever. And I think that’s what music is all about. The idea that we can sing a song for one reason, but then we can have it sung back to us for a thousand different reasons.. amazing. I’m also a fan of Harley Keiner from Boy Meets World.

Converse or Vans?

Ooh tough question. I really wish I could say converse, but we definitely find ourselves slipping into vans more. Classic, comfy, and always looks smooth.

During this Quarantine, how have the band been passing the

We actually haven’t stopped working. Quarantine is definitely making certain jobs take longer due to studio closures not even including the fact that a whole run of shows being canceled, but we are using this time to write more. It gives us space to pause and really process emotions. The world moves so fast, so it’s crazy easy to skip or pass over emotions we aren’t comfortable with. So we’re really trying to slow down in our thoughts.

What is the most important album in your personal collection
and why?

Cade James Carl (frontman): I’m a BIIIG fan of Tom Odell’s Freshman album “Long Way Down”. The Piano tones are absolutely gorgeous and unreal along with the melodies and lyrics. I can feel everything Tom wanted me to. I highly recommend it.
Kimo (drummer): The 1975’s self-titled in 2017. It was the first album that perfectly executed a mixed balance of catchy pop vibes with an emotional punk rock feel. It felt nostalgic, but also made me feel experiences that I’ve never had.
Tristan (bass): John Mayer’s live album “Where the light is”, because it’s an
incredible compilation, but it also shows his extensive amount of creativity with all of his improvisations in adding new verses and melodies to things he has already wrote which is some of the hardest stuff to do, in my opinion – taking a creative reproach to your own creativity.

Is there a specific process to songwriting for the band?

I grew up listening to Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, and Andrew McMahon so I strive to write like them. HARLEY are storytellers. We do our best to manifest memories and emotions through specific situations. I don’t think we could ever write a song that doesn’t mean anything to our individual lives. We usually start by describing a specific thing that has happened to us. Then we move into articulating the emotion better so listeners feel what we are trying to say rather than just hear it. Then we move onto specific tones and melodies and drum hits so everything has a purpose.
Everyone strives to write in a way that everything is intentional.

During Quarantine, you have to choose one album to listen to until
Quarantine is over, what album would you choose

Cade James Carl (frontman): I would definitely have to go with Changes by Bieber. The production is such a unique take on commercial pop. It has been on repeat for me.
Tristan (bass): For sure “Nice ‘n Easy” by Frank Sinatra. It’s an album that’s literally made for easy listening so it’s absolutely perfect for quarantine.
Kimo (drummer): COINS news album “Dreamland”. First album I listened to in 2020 and I already know it’ll be a top contender for album of the decade for me.

How would you describe your new track?

HYPNOS lives in the space right after the break up when everything is still raw and emotional like right after the shock of it. The timing when the self-doubt kicks in and you start to question everything, This song is essentially part 2 of Babe, I’m a Mess a song we released last year written about Kimo’s [drummer] most recent heartbreak The feelings lingered so it made sense to do another track on it.

What was the first song you ever played together as a band?

The first song we ever played as a band is a song we wrote called “Might Like”. We surprisingly don’t play too many covers. We’re working on releasing “Might Like” sometime soon though!

Your guilty pleasure in music and go!

Cade James Carl (frontman): Toss-up between Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez. Taylor Swift has crazy catchy melodies and I’ve been a fan of Selena Gomez since Wizards of Waverly Place on Disney Channel.
Tristan (bass): Big Time Rush. I loved them as a kid so its complete nostalgia
Kimo (drummer): Billie Eilish. Her music is dark and misunderstanding yet makes me feel good.

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