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We Talk To SXSW Band Of The Week.. Life

After seeing Life‘s set at the British Music Embassy  during SXSW, we spent a bit of time with leadman Mez and his brother Mick ( guitar ). We talked music, of course, but also everything from cricket to football. They were funny, sarcastic, and loads of fun.

If you had to pick only three albums to listen to for the rest of your life, which ones would they be?

Mez- Thats a question, that one. I could spend probably a week thinking about it. I’d put Paul Simon‘s Graceland in there.

Mick- That is probably the weirdest choice there

Mez- I don’t know, I listened to it recently on the plane. Alright I would go with, well for me, I always return to this, it is a weird one as well, The Pogues Rum Sodomy . It is kind of punk, but also folk. Also, Dead Kennedys, Rotten Vegetables and then stick in Clash, Give ’em Enough Rope

Of all the songs you have played at SXSW, which one has connected the most with the crowds

Mez-I always like to play Popular Music because it is relentless and sometimes scares the audience


Have you had any good food from the food trucks yet?

Mez- Have we? We only flew in yesterday

Mick-I have eaten a lot of pizza slices. Like from a Death Metal pizza place or something. I really want to try some tacos. We are vegetarian as well so, veggie tacos are actually next on my list to do.

Have you managed to check out any bands yet?

Mez- We haven’t managed to check out any bands, but we are going to. We have a list to go and see. Probably going to see Idols tomorrow. I wouldn’t mind catching The Big Moon tonight, I think they are here at the British Music Embassy. I’d like to see Dream Wife as well. There is a band called Pwrbottom, they are like transgender or some kind of two piece punk piece. They sound cool, I listened to some tracks, they were good. They are American so I am probably going to try and see them.

We have spoken to a few bands sine being here, and they mention they run in mishaps at every show. Have you, and how have you dealt with them

 Mez-I think Greg was suffering issues with his bass pedals. Not sure if it was the actual bass or amp. We just, you have to play through it. If you stop it ruins the performance, so you just go and pretend

Mick-Really no one actually knows if you have made a mistake

That is what we have come across. Bands will tell us, we had this happen, and that happen and we are thinking , we never noticed

Mick- Thats right. I just always come off thinking we nailed it

During your stay in Austin, is there anywhere you are keen on checking out

Mez- Yesterday when we flew in we went to Rainy and that looked really cool down there. We might go and have some beers down there. It looked authentic

Sixth street can be a clusterfuck

Mick- Yeah. We were walking down it and it was a bit much, but it might have been we were jet lagged. Rainy Street looked really nice.

Mez, your dance moves reminded us of Joy Division

Mez- Yeah, I don’t know where those dance moves come from. It just happens. They don’t even match the music really, but you know. Yeah like Jarvis Cocker and  Ian Curtis.

I do love Pulp

Mez- Yes Pulp are amazing, one of my favorites, so I guess I take a bit of that

Mick- He wants people to think he is Jarvis Cocker

If you had to convince someone who has not heard Life  to buy your music, what would you tell them

Mez-I would say, if you like the sound of realness, you should probably buy this. I don’t know, its hard to sale your music to people that don’t listen. I guess you just have to be bold about it. If not they are never going to listen to it. Can you black mail them into listening? You could go down that road.

The most embarrassing song on your phone or iPod?

Mez-Paul Simon Graceland. No. I have always thought you should never be embarrassed by any of it if you enjoy it

Ok, I agree with that also and probably the better way to phrase the question would be, what song would you never put on at a party full of friends.

Mick- Oh yeah because you want to be cool. Well. I only listen to really cool bands, right?

Favorite 90’s pop song

Mez- Oh that’s good. I’d have to say Pulps Common People. That is not really a pop song is it? I will tell you what I use to really like, this was when I was, I always use to listen to it at school, is Weezer Teenage Dirtbag. I mean Wheatus. Here I am trying to be cool and say Weezer.

Mick-I liked Barbie Girl. Most of Aqua’s stuff is pretty good

I thought they only had one song

Mick No, check them out, but check out Graceland first. If you like that…

I will def like Aqua?

Mick Yes, they are commonly linked.

Any last parting words to our readers

Mez-I should probably say our debut album  (Popular Music) comes out in May, May 26th. World wide. We are self releasing it. Doing it on the DIY. So check us out. It’s Life…

Thank you, because we have to be honest, we have looked everywhere for your info

Mez- Yeah you can’t really goole it

We know!

Mez- Normally if you type in Life band UK it will come up, but you have to do it all as one word, otherwise it will bring up something you jog to or something.

Did you do that on purpose?

Mez-No. It was actually a really annoying accident. We spent ages trying to figure names out , as bands tend to do, they just kept getting worse and worse

Mick- And Life was, why isn’t there already a massive band called Life, so we went with it and after finally forming and doing a few shows, people were like ‘ we can’t find you anywhere’ We were like ‘shit’

So what was the worse of the names you came up with

Mick- Our drummer, but we do not have the same drummer anymore. To be clear, this isn’t the reason why, he kept putting in ones that were real metal band sounding. I can’t think of one off hand, but something like The Black Roses

Mez- Bums, were were going to go with, but once again not very google friendly. I wish at the time we had made a list of them. I think band names in general, it seems, no one likes their own name. But then you see another band, you think, that name really suits them, it is a cool name and then you think about yours and it sounds shit really.

Mick- I think a good example is Arctic Monkeys, that has to be a terrible name, isn’t it? But because they are massive, you don’t even think about it being a bad name, because I really like them

If you could be any animal what would you be

Mez-My favorite animal is a sheep. When I go on holiday in England, its to the country. I just love sheep

Mick- I would like to have a farm with goats and sheep

Where are you from

Mez-Hull, Yorkshire

Is Yorkshire Tea really the best

Mick- Yeah I like it. For my birthday and Christmas I get a card from Yorkshire Tea. Not everyone in Yorkshire gets it, I signed up on line once. So every year I get a Yorkshire Gold and a card and have birthday morning Yorkshire tea

Do you watch football

Mez- yeah

Favorite team

Mez-Liverpool. I am a big Liverpool fan, which is bad because I am from Yorkshire. I don’t know I have been since school. At school they were the team. Peer pressure I guess

Mick- Do you have a team


Mick- Oh, Man United, I can tell ..gah

That is why I don’t mention it often, that is always the reaction. But, because I do not live in the UK, I do not feel the need to be real loyal to one team. Actually I will cheer for anyone who is playing against Chelsea or Man City.

Mick- Yeah I would go along with that

( Nicole ) I do watch Made in Chelsea

Mez- One of our songs has been on that, Go Go, Go. They were playing Cricket. It was like they said ‘ Do you know what this Cricket scene needs, some fast punk music’

I dont understand Cricket. What is the point, like you hit the ball and suddenly you have hundreds of points

Mick It is boring really. But that is when you hit the ball out, and then its runs back and forth between the posts. They count them. I was on a Cricket team one. It is a sport with the least physical activity.

But, you got to wear that posh white uniform

Mick- Excatly. I liked that part. I was the captain, we didn’t win any games, but I was a good captain!

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