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Whale City shows us how social distancing is done on video for new single Someone Else’s Eyes

Germany’s Whale City is fascinated with the expanse of nature, and the energy felt in the cities and they have used those things as inspiration when writing their music.

New single Someone Else’s Eyes ( live stay at home version ) takes on the situation we all fin ourselves in right now with Covid-19…doing things such as social distancing for ourselves, but also for the people who are older or weaker.

We had the feeling: There is no better time than now for the message of our song. That’s why we spontaneously abandoned our original plan to release the song in 2021 and recorded this special Stay-At-Home live version. We hope it will bring us all even closer together with a positive feeling, even though we are geographically far apart at the moment,” says lead singer Andy. “For us as a band, it is, of course, a completely unusual situation. We can’t play on any stage, nowhere in front of an audience, not even rehearse together. It is kind of a weird situation to work in home office as a musician. But restrictions force you to be creative. Instead of meeting at our rehearsal space, we meet virtually almost every night. With the help of FaceTime, Skype and Co. this is fortunately no longer a problem nowadays. We are all sittings in front of our computers at home with our instrument sharing ideas and work on new songs – inspired by many other artists who are currently sharing their music with their fans from home. The idea for this Stay-At-Home-Version of “Someone Else’s Eyes” came up during the last days. The song says a lot about what we as a band think in this exceptional times.”

The accompanying video is a cut of the three members practicing social distancing and performing separately. We would like to shout out to the key board player keeping it real in his silky robe, because we are-all at home in our pjs most of the time right now!

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