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Will Butler “What I Want”

Will Butler recently shared a video(s) for Anna starring Emma Stone from his album, Policy, which was released earlier this year. Now, he has released the video for What I Want. The video features a couple of familiar faces, Jennifer Morrison of the TV series Once Upon a Time and House and centers around Jennifer and Will entering a punk club which is frequented by angst-ridden unruly kids  who turn into “boring parents” thanks to a special ray gun. The video features a cameo from Perry Farrell who plays a “boring parent.” It’s directed by Brantley Gutierrez.

Will Butler had this to say about the making of the video:

Filming this video felt like a rock and roll laser tag birthday party. The kids were amazing-upbeat and hilarious the whole shoot. Such civilized anarchists. And-to mix metaphors, I guess-Jennifer Morrison was a real Albus Dumbledore, wise and unflappable and insanely talented. She truly classed up the rest of us muggles.


Watch below.


Will Butler’s Policy is out now via Merge.

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