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With new album Entropy dropping this Friday, we thought it was the perfect time to chat with Calloway Circus

How did you choose the name Calloway Circus and is there any special meaning behind it?

The band name, Calloway Circus, comes from the Tim Burton film Big Fish. I always loved the movie when I was growing up, and just happened to watch it again while I was creating this band. There’s a section in the film where the main character works at Calloway Circus for three whole years just to find out the name of a girl he saw his first night there. I was a sophomore in high school at the time, so I felt like whatever I wanted to accomplish with my band, I had three years to do it. So the band name is really saying that we will put in the work to make our dreams a reality.

How did you all meet?

I (Ben) had already been doing Calloway Circus for about 3 years when I first met Tyler. The original drummer had decided to leave the project and at our final show together Tyler just happened to be in the crowd. He heard me announce that it was the last show as that lineup and found me on Facebook the next day to tell me he was interested. We met up at a Starbucks and instantly connected and ended up having our first rehearsal together about a week later.

Who are your musical and non-musical influences? 

Musically, I think my biggest constant influence is The Killers. I’ve always admired the way they’ve successfully kept up with current trends while maintaining originality and still bringing back a piece of nostalgia. Currently, we’re both very inspired by what Bring Me the Horizon is doing, and look to them as one of the bands we think is doing it right.

What was the first song you ever played together as a band?

I think the first song we played together was one of our older songs called Wishing Well. It was an easy way for us to figure out how our performing styles meshed together.

Entropy comes out on February 14th, tell our readers why this is the album to be listening to

Entropy is ultimately a story of triumph in the face of adversity. Those themes coupled with our refusal to conform to a genre is something that I think made this album really special.

What message do you want listeners to take away from the new album

That at the end of the day, we can’t control our circumstances, but loving yourself is the most important thing to hold on to.

We are sure that tours, like life, comes with ups and downs. What is the best thing about touring and the worst thing

In my opinion, the best thing is being able to connect with so many different people in such a short span of time. The worst thing is 100% the drives. I hate sitting still for long periods of time so sometimes those long drives really do drive me a little crazy.

What is the one thing you always bring on tour with you?

My go-to is a bag of gummy bears and my special red pillow. A Nintendo Switch makes everything better though.

What has it been like to watch yourself grow over the time you have been performing

It’s been really crazy to see myself go from a scared 16-year-old in tiny local clubs to being confident in myself as a frontman. To be quite honest I don’t even recognize myself in old pictures/videos, as I feel my evolution has been so severe that I am legitimately a different, better individual now.

Describe Calloway Circus in three words.

Energy. Chaos. Hope.

What can we expect in the future from Calloway Circus?

We’re working hard behind the scenes trying to get a summer tour going and play regional shows in the midwest for the rest of the year. We plan on hitting the studio with Courtney Ballard (Waterparks, Emarosa, Stand Atlantic) this spring to work on all the new stuff we’ve been coming up with since we wrapped up writing Entropy. Our goal is to keep creating great songs and play them as much as possible!

Entropy drops this Friday, February 14th and can be pre-saved here

While you wait, Calloway Circus dropped the fifth and final single from the album….Mess

Here is what Ben had to say about the new song:

“I always have a hard time talking about Mess. There was a time where I was in a really dark place, and to be honest, wasn’t good to anybody. In particular, the girls I was dating. This song became my best way to apologize, as I was just trying to get myself together. It’s important for me to say that this song doesn’t excuse my behavior, it just helps me deal with it better”

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