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Wolf Culture release single “nervous” and announce EP

Wolf Culture, have announced their sophomore EP, Dying In The Living Room, to be released July 31, 2020via Common Ground Collective. Along with the announcement the band also released a new single and accompanying video for nervous

The new EP features Sleeping With Sirens’ Kellin Quinn, as well as contains tracks that were co-written by Alex Adam of ROAM. Lead vocalist Max Dervan shares,

“This is an era of Wolf Culture that has been a long time coming. We hope to deliver memorable tracks that showcase just how far we have come since our formative EP. Max has incorporated his raw emotional experiences both positive and negative so we can connect with our audience on a relatable level and bring the listeners’ emotions straight to the surface. The lyrical content has matured as we have as people so it is almost as if our listeners are growing with us.”

On the new single, he continues,“‘nervous’ serves as the flagship for DITLR. I wanted to include motifs and lyrics that refer to the opening track ‘Floods’ to create a sense of foreshadowing. We aimed to create a chorus that really slaps you across the face while keeping the verses quieter but with a sinister atmosphere. This atmosphere is reflected in the lyrics that concern my past conflicts with anxiety and questioning what my personality really is if the veil of self-doubt was lifted.”

Dying In The Living Room is due out July 31, 2020. For more information, please visit

Dying In The Living Room Tracklisting


02.rain dance

03. spite

04.ultimatumfeat. Kellin Quinn


06.lunatic and his moon

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