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Woman Crush Wednesday ( #WCW ) featuring:Lauran Hibberd, Mallrat, Baker Grace, Daria Black, and Anja Kotar

Lauran Hibberd ” Sugardaddy “

Lauran Hibberd has released a pulsating new single Sugardaddy, that is pushing her well to the front of the class in 2019. Her twisted sense of humor in the song shows up well when she sings about wanting a Sugardaddy instead of the typical love. We hear ya, Lauran! Catch her on tour with Hippo Campus in February and March in the UK.


Mallrat ” Nobody’s Home “

Finding beauty in the mundane, 23-year-old Brisbane native, Mallrat has released a new single, Nobody’s Home. The glittery pop song is drenched in both sugar sweet melodies and rich textures. We love the flawless harmonies she can lay out before us. Nobody’s Home is three minutes of pure bliss.

Baker Grace ” Wrong Kind Of People “

18-year-old Baker Grace shows us her heavenly voice on her new song Wrong Kind Of People. The song is layered with dreamlike textures, hypnotic rhythms, melodies that endlessly mesmerize. The song deals with Graces’ idea of   “feeling lost in other people’s expectations, and trying to figure out what you really want instead of going along what everyone else thinks you should do.”

Daria Black ” Not That Girl “

Not That Girl is the first of three singles Daria Black will be releasing before she drops her new EP, Changing on March 15th. Not That Girl is full of indie infused pop, mesmerizing vocals, airy arrangements, and engrossing narratives.

Anja Kotar ” Kids “

I am loving the fluffy sweet cotton-candy look of Anja Kotar’s new video for Kids. Yep, I secretly love pink. But Kotar has reasoning behind the look of the video, the stark white background represents the cold, harsh reality of our world, while each of the flowers that match the color of the outfits, there are 6 in total, represent the fairytale we present  the video moves along, you will see her carry more and more flowers, alluding to getting caught up in the online fantasy and progressively exaggerating it. It is pure brilliance.



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