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Women Crush Wednesday Featuring: A. Rose, Monogem, Mackenta, Alana, and Ariane

A. Rose ” Hush Hush “

Fronted by vocalist Anna-Rose Clayton (East-Grinstead, UK), the Amsterdam-based band A.ROSE is influenced by the attitude of Tove-Lo, the electronics of and the self-conscious lyrics of Lorde. The band has been slowly forming its sound throughout 2018 and 2019, their third single Hush Hush is an edgy synth filled tune about “determination and the efforts needed for action. We all see rules being broken and lines getting blurred the moment there’s money involved”

Monogem ” Lean “

MONOGEM is singer-songwriter Jen Hirsh, who creates glittering soulful melodies. Her newest single Lean, which is the first single off her upcoming EP So Many Ways highlights her sultry voice, and a background of slow simmering electronic beats. Here is what MONOGEM has to say about Lean ” It’s not easy being a woman in the music industry. Almost everything can seem to work against you. Lean is a song that combats that feeling without fighting, without any push back..”

Mackenta ” Dawn “

When Mackenta spoke to RESPECT Mag, she said she wrote about human experiences, about things that didn’t make her perfect, and we liked that about her, we like that she isn’t perfect and doesn’t try to fool us into thinking she is. She is keeping it real with her music. New single Dawn, though is a perfect example of her fearless and vulnerable approach to R&B, giving it a warm, moody and tripped out quality.

Alana ” American Honey “

New York-based singer-songwriter ALANA has spent much of last year working on her debut EP and is now sharing some of her efforts with the debut single and title track American Honey. Filled with an enchanting acoustic guitar melody, Alana’s vocals are warm and vulnerable, and very soothing, and will keep you listening on repeat.

Ariane ” Fake Generation “

French-American pop singer and songwriter Ariane combines Lorde’s powerful messages with the dark and moody sound of Billie Eilish on her new single Fake Generation, a song that questions today’s pop cultures materialism. She says about the song ..

“I’ve spent so much time scrolling through Instagram feeling incompetent. There was definitely a time where I tried to keep up, trying to seem ‘perfect’ on social platforms but it’s exhausting, miserable and a flat out lie, I get bloated sometimes, I’m not vacationing every weekend and partying with stars. Isn’t it tiring to keep up appearances? Let’s be real for a change.”

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