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Women Crush Wednesday Featuring: Badison, Olivia Wik, Effee, Alessandra, Shy Martin, Leena Regan, and Emily Rowed

Badison ” Better Place “

Badison is a solo project by Dora, Düsseldorf based producer with a big passion for synth-driven music inspired by ’80s sounds and aesthetics. Her new single Better Place is heavy on the drums which stands to reason since Badison is primarily a drummer. The vocals soar over the minimal instrumentation making Better Place seem like a dream.

Olivia Wik ” When I Was Drunk “

Olivia Wik has released a new single When I Was Drunk, with lyrics like “When I was drunk you looked better…don’t you look better with the lights down low..” it is sure to become a weekend anthem for us girls! Not only does it speak truths it is a catchy electro-pop song we can dance and laugh to .

Effee ” Crazy “

Ready to take over the spotlight on her own, Effee is the solo project of keyboardist and vocalist Fran Litterski (writer/member of Ohio indie pop group Kid Runner & touring member of Magic Man.) Her newest single Crazy is the first from her upcoming debut album Boring With Out You which is set to drop May 30. The song is a love song, one to dance your first dance with, or one that is on the soundtrack to the latest Rom Com.

Alessandra ” Summer’s Not My Season “

New single ”

“Summer’s Not My Season” is about daring to be true to yourself and your emotions even when they might feel like an inconvenience”, says Stockholm singer-songwriter Alessandra says of her new single, which is the first offering off her upcoming debut EP and also marks the first release on the new London via Stockholm label KUMLA Music.

Shy Martin ” Out Of My Hands “

Swedish singer-songwriter Shy Martin has written some big hits for some big people, not dropping names but Chainsmokers and Kygo ft. Ellie Goulding ranks among them. Her newest single Out Of My Hands is her first in 2019, and it is a electronic pop banger.

Leena Regan ” Ghost Town “

Ghost Town is the first release off of Leena Regan’s Melancholy Mind Project and highlights the loneliness and isolation that follows being ghosted in a friendship.

“When I first moved to LA, new friendships were so exciting because we were all out here chasing a dream. We would buzz about making it big together and how we would never leave each other behind if one of us started gaining success. However, as time went by, a lot of these “friends” ghosted as their success began to roll in, leaving me below to try and navigate the feelings of loneliness, betrayal, and unworthiness alone.” 

Leena co-wrote the song with fellow Belmont University alums Katie Mac and Kory Shore, along with her husband and producer Max Hurrell.

Emily Rowed ” Watercolors “

Watercolors is the third single off Emily Rowed’s upcoming album April.

Watercolors is about an effortless, flowing love that came out of nowhere,” says Rowed. “It was hypnotic – everything turned into sweet purples and vintage film.

Rowed’s soulful vocals are the highlight of Watercolors, the music that backs the singing is a nice mix of soft electronics, that flows well with the love theme.

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