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Women Crush Wednesday featuring: Cara Hammond, Molly Moore, Kate Lomas, and Amelie Patterson

Cara Hammond ” Good Times “

Cara Hammond has been writing songs since she was 11 and performing them since she was 14. The London based singer-songwriter has released her first single of 2019 Good Times. Hammond’s voice is both powerful and soulful, taking cues from artists like Amy Winehouse. Good Times itself is a danceable pop song with loads of funk-inspired beats. Cara explains Good Times ” “The song is about the end of a relationship and looking back on happier times.” 

Molly Moore ” I Love You But I Dont Like You “

” Being in a long term relationship & grieving is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to navigate, especially when anger & confusing emotions are displaced onto the other person. It almost sometimes seems easier to leave & isolate yourself so you don’t have a negative impact on the people closest to you. “ I think we can all relate to why Molly Moore wrote her new single ” I Love You But I Don’t Like You..” Heck, I have even heard those words come out of my mouth while fighting with my hubby in the past. The new single is honest, soulful and powerful, an instant classic.

Kate Lomas ” Happy Like This “

Bath UK’s Kate Lomas has released Happy Like This. The single which is about embracing the moment and putting value in the here and now is an anthemic dream-pop hit full of sparkly synths, a pulsing bass line and of course Lomas’s out of this world vocals.

Amelie Patterson ” The Patient Kind “

Calgary Alberta based singer-songwriter Amelie Patterson has released her first release since her 2016 debut album Roll Honey Roll. The new single titled The Patient Kind is an upbeat moody alt-pop wonder that deals with instant attraction upon meeting a person but that the timing for a relationship just isn’t right.Patterson’s vocals are bluesy and the beat is sexy, what more do you need?

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