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Women Crush Wednesday featuring new music from Linney, Bellsaint, Blu DeTiger, Felin, and Annabel Allum

Linney ” BAD ( the sweater song )

Summer is basically over and we can all now look back at the fun memories and that one summer love. That is what Linney sings about on her newest single BAD ( the sweater song). Cute lyrics about stealing the boyfriend’s sweater and keeping it to prove it all was real are highlighted by Linney’s sultry vocals. Sweet and sugary, just as pop music should be.

Bellsaint ” Much Like My Father “

Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Bellsaint has released her new single Much Like My Father. The deeply personal song is a reflective piece on relationships, past and present and how they can bring back feelings and memories. Haunting vocals that force you to feel the emotion of the song are the highlight, along with the piano playing, especially the lone keys at the end of the song,

Blu DeTiger ” Tangerine “

Born and raised in New York City and taking her cues from the city’s rebel culture of the ’70s, Blu DeTiger’s first live show was at the iconic CBGB’s. Her new single Tangerine is her third release is a bass-driven electronic bop that is about ” going beyond that initial step and creating the environment you want. “

Felin ” LaLaLa”

F E L I N is a Swedish audiovisual duo consisting of songwriter/ artist Elin Blom and photographer/ director Fredrik Etoall (the “F” in F E L I N). New single Lalala is their third single and deals with ” being hurt by someone and while you are completely messed up the person continues with life as if nothing has happened. ” While the song may be dealing with some heavy subject matter, the feel of the single is upbeat and very addictive with the Lalala’s.

Annabel Allum ” Baby Berlin “

Gearing up for the release of her new EP Gravel Not The Grave, which releases on the 13th of September Annabel Allum has released Baby Berlin. The new single is gritty indie fare with sonic guitar riffs and solos and earth-shattering drumming, along with Allum’s grungy vocals that just spew attitude and confidence.

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