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Women Crush Wednesday featuring: Ralph, Maude Latour, Rachel K Collier, and Luvia

Ralph ” No Muss No Fuss “

RALPH’s (née Raffa Weyman) newest single No Muss No Fuss is the second single off her upcoming EP due in November. The song, which deals with brushing off a creepy ex, is full of funky grooves that make the song easy to dance to combine that with Ralphs smooth vocals, it is an addictive sing-along we can share with all our girlfriends, because yep, we all relate.

Maude Latour ” Ride My Bike “

The 19-year-old singer and Columbia University Student Maude Latour shares her newest song Ride My Bike. which is her fourth single. Comparing love to achieving a runners high, her voice soars over the shuffling house beat. Latour explained the song ” This song captures the sacredness of the freedom that comes from hitting a runner’s high. Please remember to go outside and break a sweat– it’ll remind you that you are so incredibly alive and breathing.”

Rachel K Collier ” Faith Over Fear “

A one-woman electronic production machine and die-hard Ableton enthusiast, Rachel K. Collier is known for using a multi-instrument technical setup to enable her to perform her song-focused, high-energy studio productions in a live setting. Her newest single Faith Over Fear has a hypnotic beat that lets her voice shine and your hips move. Collier says: ‘Faith Over Fear is a song that I wrote as a message to remind myself never to give in to the doubts, fears and negative thoughts my brain sometimes likes to taunt me with -even when I was writing this song they were loud and proud telling me that what I was writing was terrible -I hope it helps others on a mission or who are going through a creative process to overcome the fears and go kick!’ We have this on repeat!

Luvia ” Kiss “

Brighton’s Luvia is back with new single ‘Kiss’. Marrying the raw attitude of Mazzy Star with the melancholic pop sensibilities of Billie Eilish and Lana Del Rey, the newcomer has already been turning heads with appearances at The Great Escape, Live at Leeds & Liverpool Sound City. Her sultry voice glides over the haunting melody of Kiss, while the accompanying video continues the stipped back ethos of the song. We loved the simplicity of the tune.

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