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Women Crushing Wednesday featuring new music by Mara Conner, Rachel Mintz, Nuria Graham, and Mel Senese

Mara Conner ” Wildfire “

LA native Mara Connor released a new single titled “Wildfire” along with a twisted 1960s-inspired music video, which Connor’s directorial debut. The folk-rock style single deals with a romance-gone-wrong and is highlighted by Conners’ strong vocals. We also loved all the vintage outfits that made an appearance in the video.

Nicole Mercedes ” Stoop “

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Nicole Mercedes, shares her debut single, Stoop, which is taken from her sophomore album, Look Out Where You’re Going, due out in April 2020. The dreamy breezy song is about embracing loneliness, she explains  “about those summer nights where all you’re looking for is a distraction, and a rotating door of friends and strangers to drink with, talk with, make out with. The stoop is my favorite place to do that because things are constantly happening around you and you can kind of just sit there drinking some wine in your slippers, passively being a part of the landscape.”

 Rachel Mintz ” Pie “

Floridian born and raised Rachel Mintz spend her formative years in a family of musicians and began her career in a professional children’s choir traveling the world. You can find her now in LA, creating her own music. Mintz has a unique and stunning vocal range that shines in new single Pie. Backed by a haze of electronics and throbbing percussion, Pie will be your new anthem.

Nuria Graham ” Marjorie “

New single Marjorie by Irish singer-songwriter Nuria Graham is written about her grandmother whom she never met. Graham’s vocals are haunting and sound almost from a previous era as they float through the simple instrumentation of the song. She explains the song ” it’s a story about my grandmother and also about me. We’re both looking through a window and feeling the same feelings. We never met, but in this song, I feel very close to her. I had this image in my head of her, waiting for my grandad to come back from the pub, smoking cigarettes, and I saw myself reflected in this situation, and then the melody and lyrics “We seem to be making the same mistakes” came to my head.

Mel Senese ” I Crashed Last Night “

New single I Crashed Last Night by Mel Senese is a very personal song for her and she wants the listener to feel her pain and ” know there is an upside to any aftermath. “ Written about the night her love chose to be with someone else she was emotional and crashed her car. The single is a meld of pop and alt-rock and is highlighted by Senese’s vocals, along with the uplifting melody that seems to draw you upward away from the pain in her vocals.

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