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Women Crushing Wednesday featuring new tunes by Baker Grace, Chandler Juliet, Tia Gostelow, and Meggie Lennon

Baker Grace ” Bottle Of Wine “

19-year-old singer/songwriter Baker Grace shares a new single “Bottle Of Wine.” Anchored by a reggae-influenced groove, the single has a syrupy flow and is a song about the delicacy of the ego. It is dark and moody and is the first look at her forthcoming sophomore EP Yourz Truly.

Chandler Juliet ” Way Too Young To Feel This Old “

Chandler Juliet’s new single Way Too Young to Feel This Old showcases her powerful vocals, vibrant and honest storytelling, and clever lyricism, as well as an optimistic cynicism towards waking up to the truth of what being an adult truly means. Chandler has formed a unique niche subgenre of pop that she self coins, “emotionally intelligent pop” — music with a message and we can’t get enough of it.

Tia Gostelow ” Psycho “

Brisbane Australia based singer Tia Gostelow has released a new single Psycho, which take on the singer’s experiences with gaslighting in relationships. Psycho is full of jangly guitars, infectious melodies, and Gostelow’s warm and honest vocals.

Meggie Lennon ” Mind Games “

Meggie Lennon has shared her new single titled “Mind Games.” An original take on modern music where dream pop and make-out psych-rock become the soundtrack to whatever comes next. The new single was written, directed, and visuals shot on her iPhone. Pretty impressive since I can barely type on mine.

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