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Women Cushing Wednesday featuring new music by Stereo Jane, Jess Chalker, Hannah Gross, Esbie Fonte, and Chandler Juliet

Stereo Jane ” Strangers “

Strangers is the 3rd single from the edgy pop-rock sister duo Stereo Jane. Combining alt-rock with mild electro-pop The duo said about their newest single “There are so many ways we make meaning of this song. We wanted to show how going through a serious breakup can make you do crazy things and try so hard to get over the other person by talking to strangers. Through the cover art, we showed how losing such an important part of your life can make you feel like a stranger to yourself.” Going to SXSW in Austin next month? Catch them there.

Esbie Fonte ” Your Dad’s Banjo “

New single Your Dad’s Banjo by Esbie Fonte is a dedication to her dad who taught her to play all the string instruments except the harp. The song’s lyrics are emotional and made more so by Fonte’s ethereal vocals that feel as they are floating across the stratosphere.

Jess Chalker ” Secrets “

Australian born and London raised artist and musician Jess Chalker has released her second single Secrets. The single is a sparkling danceable electro-pop song that channels the 80s. This is what Chalker had to say about Secrets:I wrote Secrets as a bit of fun, thinking it would be cool to write something kooky and danceable, kind of like an indie-er, 2020 version of Hey Mickey, I also love that lyrically and musically Secrets feels really light and playful; it’s a nice flip against a concept that might have otherwise taken itself a bit too seriously.’

Hannah Gross ” Birthday “

LA-based singer-songwriter Hannah Gross is back with her second release Birthday, a song she wrote about missing a great guy’s birthday because she was to busy thinking about her ex. The addictive pop song is full of catchy hooks and lively rhythms, and need we say relatable lyrics.

Chandler Juliet ” Love Language “

We are huge fans of Chandler Juliet and her soulful pop music, and she is wowing us again with a new single Love Language. The single, which is the lead single from her upcoming three-track EP is full of upbeat grooves and Juliet’s classic vocals that bounce cheerfully across a warm and sultry landscape of upbeat horns and soothing synths.

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