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Women Who Are Crushing Wednesday featuring music by purpl, Sarah Barrios, Iris Lune, Chappell Roan, and Theresa

purpl ” Hawaii “

If you are ready for summer, and really who isn’t, then you are going to love the new single by UK artist purpl. Hawaii is a romantic electro-pop song with blissful vocals and soft instrumentation. It is 3 minutes of bottled summertime.

Sarah Barrios ” Mourn The Living “

Sarah Barrios has released her second single title Mourn The Living. The song deals with the ghosts of relationships, friendships, and memories long gone. The accompanying video shows her interacting in her mind with a person who is no longer in her life, We loved the piano-driven background that Barrios breathy vocals seemingly float over.

Iris Lune ” Midas “

Midas, the latest single by Iris Lune is all about the dangers of greed and power. The richly textured song is lead by the Ella Joy Meir’s soft breezy vocals that swirl over a richly texture of layered electonic instrumentation. This is the last single before the release of the debut album lovelosslove which drops on June 19th.

Chappel Roan ” California “

Singer, pianist, and songwriter, Chappell Roan has released her newest single California, which lets us feel the struggle and adjustment the singer had when she moved from her small home town in Missouri to Los Angeles. Something I understand completely after leaving California for a small town in Oklahoma. The song is an emotional journey you feel in Roan’s stunning vocals, and it is accompanied by a hazy video that matches the feel perfectly.

Theresa ” Kiss Kiss “

This is New York native Theresa’s second appearance on our blog because we can not get enough of her 80’s inspired pop-rock. The singer-songwriter-producer has just dropped her newest single Kiss Kiss and it will definitely get you out of the Hump Day blues with its bright fizzy beat, and Theresa’s strong energetic vocals.

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